Past Patient Surveys

Patient Survey 2012

The survey can be downloaded by clicking Barnoldswick Medical Centre Patient Survey 2012

Patient Survey 2013

Patients Survey 2013, Full report

Patient Survey April 2013

The Doctors have again undertaken a yearly practice survey.  A framework to address the issues discussed was drawn up.

The main areas of concern highlighted were:

  1. Patient confidentiality/privacy in the reception area.
  1. Queuing ie to book in or collect a prescription.
  1. Telephone access and time taken to answer calls. (65% of those surveyed struggled)

And the highlights were:

  1. Promptness of seeing Dr/Nurse
  1. Friendly staff

Patient Confidentiality

The relative size of the reception window makes it difficult to hear confidential information from patients without being overheard from the main waiting area. If anything personal or confidential needs to be discussed please ask a member of the Reception team who will be able accommodate you in a private area.


With just one main window at the reception desk queuing is inevitable and ways to alleviate this is a constant discussion within the Practice.

Telephone access

We now have a local telephone number to run alongside the 0844 477 3461 number, this is charged at the local rate and is 01282 500929.  There is only one line on this number and it is not on the digital system so if this line is busy you will automatically hear the engaged tone.