Clinics & Services


  • Children’s immunisations
  • Blood pressure clinic
  • Diabetic clinic
  • Asthma/COPD clinic
  • Healthy Travel clinic
  • Physiotherapy
  • Child health development clinic
  • Drug clinic
  • Anticoagulation (warfarin)clinic
  • Minor surgery

NHS Decision Aids

Patient Decision Aids (PDAs) are designed to help patients make difficult decisions about their treatments and medical tests. They are used when there is no clinical evidence to suggest that one treatment is better than another, or when patients need help in deciding which treatment option will be best for them.

A PDA provides information on a specific disease or procedure which will allow the patient to make an informed decision. Research shows that PDAs are really effective in helping patients make informed choices about their healthcare and increase patients’ awareness of the expected risks, benefits and likely outcomes.

For more information click on this link: NHS Decision Aids

Smoking and how to stop

NHS Choices website on stopping smoking website on benefits of stopping smoking

Lung cancer
Bowel cancer

Services Registration

Newly registered patients will be asked to complete a questionnaire. Medical treatment is available from the date of registration. New babies must be registered with a doctor as soon as possible after leaving the hospital. Please notify the staff of any change of name and/or address within the family.

Children’s Immunisation

– Appointment with the nurse.

Blood Pressure Clinic

– Appointment with the healthcare assistant.

Diabetic Clinic

– Appointment with the nurse.

Asthma Clinic

– Appointment with the nurse.

Healthy Travel Clinic

(vaccination requirements)
– Appointment with the nurse.


– Appointment by referral from your doctor.

Child Health Development Clinic

– Eight week baby clinic.

Drug Clinic

– Fortnightly.
anti co-ag (anticoagulant bgh)

Going Abroad

Travel abroad is so common nowadays that it is often easy to forget the necessary precautions. Make sure you don’t turn your holiday into a horror story! Consult a practice nurse six weeks prior to departure. If possible she will advise you what vaccinations are required for the country you are visiting and what medications you may need. Make sure you have adequate medical insurance. If you are visiting an EEC country you will need a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which replaces the E111 form. An application form is included in “The Travellers Booklet” (booklet S40) available from reception.

Medical Examinations

Medical examinations for employment, insurance purposes etc are considered private services offered to patients and are payable by the patient accordingly.

Minor Surgery Clinic

– Appointment with your doctor and the nurse.