Urgent Doctor’s Appointments

If you have an urgent medical problem that genuinely cannot wait until the next routine appointment, we offer same day urgent appointments. The doctor will see you for this urgent medical problem only. If you have any other non-urgent matters, please book an additional routine appointment with your usual doctor.

Please be aware that we will need to ask what the matter is to be able to sign post you to the correct clinician. We may even be able to help you without you having to see a doctor or nurse, as some problems can be dealt with by the receptionist e.g. on-going sick notes, prescriptions, routine test requests etc.

Whilst we do our best to accommodate you with the resources we have, please don’t expect our receptionists to be able to offer you a time, while perhaps is ideal for you, is a time that they simply don’t have a doctor available. If your need is genuinely urgent, we would expect that getting medical attention will be your priority rather than finding an appointment that fits around work, school or other engagements.

Please be aware that you may not see the doctor of your choice.

We DO NOT class the following as emergencies –

Sick notes
On-going stable conditions
Routine test requests/ results
Minor ailments