Extended Access to GP services: ‘Your Services – Your Say’

GPs in East Lancashire provide a service called extended GP Access. This provides GP services after 6.30pm on weekdays (Monday to Friday), and at weekends too. We would like to know your views about extended access to GP services.  Some practices offer appointments before 8 am as part of this extended GP service too, so you may have had an appointment before 8 am.

Across East Lancashire Primary Care Networks (PCNs) are working together to develop ​a new model of extended access to GP services.

The East Lancashire Alliance (ELA) ​ is co-ordinating this work on behalf of the PCNs in East Lancashire.

​A PCN ​is composed of local GP practices in ​a well-defined part of East Lancashire.  Click here to find out more about them: https://www.eastlancsccg.nhs.uk/patient-information/local-services/primary-care-networks

Extended access to GP services was introduced in 2019 following a large public consultation.  It ​provides GP services ​beyond core GP practice hours in the week (i.e. after 6.30pm, Monday to Friday) and through the day at weekends across East Lancashire. ​

If you have used this service, ie contacted and seen a GP or GP services after 6.30 pm on weekdays or during the weekend, we want to know what you think of the ​current service. This questionnaire is seeking ​your views ​as individuals who have used this service, either yourself, or with your child or while caring for a relative. 

The survey doesn’t take long to complete and we will use this to improve the service:


If you have any queries please email: [email protected]