Mental Health & Wellbeing Support

Mental Health – Alternatives to Primary Care (June 2021 v2)

The information and links below provide a range of options for people who are feeling overwhelmed, isolated and unable to cope. 

Clinical services are delivered by Lancashire & South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust (LSCFT0 our mental health provider. There are also a vast and diverse range of local support services which are presented on the interactive map which you will find below.

LSCFTs Emotional Support page is a good starting point, 

“If you need help, no matter what it is, we are here to support and signpost you”.

Mental Health Crisis Line

Our Mental Health Crisis Line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling 0800 953 0110. It is staffed by trained mental health professionals who are able to provide assessment and referrals to appropriate services – ring it if you need to access services or for advice about someone who needs treatment/support.

MH and Wellbeing Helpline

We also have a Wellbeing Helpline & Texting Service, staffed by volunteers and those with lived experience, that offers emotional support – ring if you want to chat about your mental health or are lonely etc. It can be contacted on 0800 915 4640 or by texting ‘Hello’ to 07860 022846.

Open Mon-Fri 7pm-11pm and Sat-Sun 12pm-Midnight

Further information via the link:

Lancashire and South Cumbria Interactive map

If you are looking for a local support service, this interactive map allows you to search for a diverse range of support including:

  • Bereavement Support
  • Children & Young People Support
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Alcohol and Substance Misuse Support
  • Emotional Support

Click on the link and follow the instructions to select your geographical area / area of interest:

When to contact social services

If you have urgent concerns about someone’s social circumstances, such as children and young people, vulnerable adults or people with learning difficulties, it may be more appropriate to call social services. Local government services such as housing services and social care services often run out-of-hours duty provision.  Search for your local council to find out how your social care service deals with emergencies out of office hours. Other areas of support linked to Mental Health and Wellbeing