We are aware that patients are receiving letters offering them a Covid Vaccination at Blackburn Cathedral.

This is an option, and if you take this up then you may get an appointment sooner than you would more locally.

The nearest Vaccination Hub to Barnoldswick is at Colne Health Centre. When vaccinations are available there – we don’t have regular/guaranteed deliveries at the moment– we are ringing eligible patients to offer them a vaccination at Colne.

Our phone lines are incredibly busy with our usual enquiries and requests for appointments, but we are also getting many calls about Covid Vaccinations. Please help us by not calling about Covid Vaccinations. If you are eligible, we will contact you as and when we have vaccines available. Until you have had a vaccination you will remain eligible and remain on our system for being contacted.

Due to our phone lines being so busy we are using mobiles to contact patients so calls may come from an unrecognised/unknown/private number.

Thank you for your co-operation and patience.