Childhood Influenza Vaccine

Why children are offered the flu vaccine.

Children aged 2 and 3 will be given the vaccination at their GP surgery, usually by the practice nurse. We are currently sending out invites to make appointments in practice for this age group. If you do receive an invite for your child please do make an appointment.

Flu is a very common infection in babies and children. It can be very unpleasant for them. Children with flu have the same symptoms as adults, including a high temperature, chills, aching muscles, a headache, a stuffy nose, a dry cough and a sore throat lasting up to a week. Some children develop a very high temperature or complications of flu, such as bronchitis, pneumonia and a painful ear infection. They may need hospital treatment, and very occasionally a child may die from flu. In fact, healthy children under the age of 5 are more likely to have to be admitted to hospital with flu than any other age group. For children with long-term health conditions, such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease or lung disease, getting flu can be very serious as they’re more at risk of developing serious complications.

For further information about children’s flu vaccine please follow this link: